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what Jelle’s athletes are Saying


I’ve started remote coaching in December 2021. Switching to Jelle’s programming was one of the best decisions I’ve made. He guided me towards my first bar muscle up, added multiple kilos to every olympic lift and all my gymnastics improved along the way. The programming is very personal towards my own specific goals and competitions.

I really appreciate Jelle’s way of coaching me through my varied working schedule. He programs all my session depending on the available time I gave him in advance and so we manage to train about +-10hrs per week. He prioritizes my goals, but with a good amount of sleep, recovery and injury prevention.

He’s a very loyal and accessible coach, always ready for questions or feedback with a big smile.

Ellen, 28

IC Nurse

Realising I hadn’t really gotten any better for a long time as standard box programming did not focus on my (many) personal weaknesses, I still wanted to master all skills, get stronger and improve my fitness.

After a long, detailed intake conversation, looking at goals, motivation, stressors, work/life balance, strengths and weaknesses. I was so fired up to start after that already.

Jelle works in cycles (standard programming of course) but it’s completely adjusted for my skills & ability and in sync with my life. When I can’t train in the box, training is adjusted to fit the stuff I have at home. I strained something, movements are adjusted. I’m lacking proper basics in a movement, we start all over. I (thought I) knew C2B, he had me doing weeks of kipping. After each cycle we have a check in, re-adjusting and confirming goals.

Week after week; every training, every video gets reviewed and I receive great feedback that I can apply directly into my next training. Reciprocally, you’re always expected to predict your performance for a metcon or skill. This really sets up a mindset where you think and evaluate your performance; which hugely improves your understanding of what you can and can’t do.

Only 6 months in, I’ve not only significantly progressed every relevant metrics, my technique is so much better across the board.

 In the end, it’s pretty simple. I can’t wait to train. Every time.

Jeroen, 46

Pharma Category Lead

After a year of CrossFit, doing class wods I wanted to level up and get better at it. I already followed a few lessons with Jelle. In these lessons he helped me achieve a few of my first goals (kipping pull ups, rope climbs, etc).

1,5 year ago a place came free in his coaching program so I didn’t hesitate to join. The past period I’ve learned a lot. Jelle is really involved with his athletes. My big struggles were gymnastic movements and he really helped me to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

I also started competing thanks to Jelle and have really found my passion in it. He’s always there for us and helps us prepare for competition as best as possible. Even when he’s on a big competition himself, he makes a phone call to discuss tactics.

Jelle knows how important the mental part of training is, he pushes when necessary but also knows when it’s time to slow down.

I think Jelle is one of the best coaches an athlete can have!

Jana, 27

Police officer


You can’t expect to see change if you keep doing the same thing.

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