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the journey

Jelle Hoste, born on June 24, 1995, in Roeselare, Belgium, is a senior IT consultant at Delaware and a dedicated part-time CrossFit athlete. With a lifelong affinity for sports, Jelle’s athletic journey began with soccer, fitness, and running, but it was judo that captured his heart. For over 14 years, he immersed himself in judo, achieving national titles and representing his country while pursuing his studies.

In 2016, Jelle discovered CrossFit when a new box, “CrossFit Kortrijk,” arrived in town. Curiosity turned into passion as he quickly embraced the sport and entered his first competition within a month. Although the results may not have met his expectations, this experience ignited a fierce desire to continuously improve his strength, speed, and overall fitness.

Despite starting CrossFit at the age of 21, which some might consider late, Jelle embraced the challenge with enthusiasm. Having already experienced demanding training routines in other sports, he quickly adapted to the intensity of CrossFit. Initially, he focused on mastering the movements, immersing himself in competitions, and improving his mobility.

Jelle’s competitive nature drove him to participate in various events in the Benelux region, where he achieved notable victories. In 2019, he made a significant breakthrough by clinching second place in the RX category at the prestigious French Throwdown. This achievement solidified his commitment to the sport. However, his momentum was abruptly disrupted by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

With the absence of competitions, he transformed his attic into a training space, refusing to let the circumstances hinder his progress. After almost two years of relentless dedication, Jelle reached a peak moment at the Marseille Throwdown in 2021, claiming the silver medal. It was a defining moment that reaffirmed his belief in his abilities.

Just two months later, he took part in the Madrid Championships, the most significant competition of his career so far. Approaching the event without expectations, Jelle gave it his all and, against professional athletes, secured an third-place finish after three days of intense battles.

From there on the journey continued. Have look at the results page to find out more achievements.


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