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44th CrossFit Games Quarter Finals
4th CrossFit Games Semi Finals (Berlin)
10th CrossFit Games (Madison, Wisconsin)
11th Rogue Invitational (Austin, Texas)



1st Copenhagen Butchers Classics
       – Elite team K. Horvath
9th Madrid Championships – Elite Indiv
2nd French Throwdown – Elite Indiv
1st Liege Throwdown – Elite Indiv


3rd Madrid Championships – Elite Indiv
2nd Marseille Throwdown – Elite Indiv


1st Le grand Tournai –  RX team S. Geens
✅ Qualified for the 2020 CrossFit Games


1st Battle of Bruges – RX team M. Decruy & N. Bardax
1st Belgian Throwdown – RX team S. Cuypers
2nd French Throwdown – RX Indiv
1st Liege Throwdown – RX Indiv
2nd Redbull Spotlight – RX team M. Decruy
1st Last Winter Throwdown – RX team N. Bardax



9th The Flanders Throwdown – RX team P. Kryspin
3rd National championship judo
1st Battle of Bruges – RX Indiv
6th Belgian Throwdown – RX Indiv
2nd Beach Throwdown – RX team E. Dhaenens
6th French Throwdown – RX team E. Dhaenrns & P. Pragnere
1st The Healthy Throwdown – RX team E. Dhaenens
2nd The 666 Throwdown – RX team Z. Boute ❤️
3rd The Amarok Games – RX team P. Kryspin 
5th The Amsterdam Throwdown – RX team Matthi, Michelle & Piotr


2nd National championship judo
9th Belgian Throwdown – RX E. Dhaenens
3rd Walterscup Throwdown – RX team M. Deprez
2nd Beach Throwdown – RX team E. Dhaenens
20th Healthy Throwdown – RX team R. Vandeburie


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